Thursday, October 22, 2009

Long time....

So, I hear I'm in some trouble for not posting for, well, months now. I apologize - I had honestly thought that since Mom was back in school that most everyone would be in touch with what was going on - that now appears to not be the case, so I'll get back on the ball.

Let me go back a few months and bring you up to date. We had an ortho visit on May 15 - and we were all hoping that would be the day the docs would let her walk. Much our dismay, not only did they not let her walk, but we took some significant steps backward. It was discovered that the plate supporting her bone graft was bent. The docs felt as though she needed to stop putting weight on the right leg until they came to a conclusion. Eventually, we figured out that the plate would bend when under her body weight. As such, they decided to ponder a while, then determine what the next steps should be.

In the meantime, one of those pesky abdominal wall tears required repair. So, Mom had a hernia repaired - and was in surgery about 6 hours! Except for a very unpleasant allergic reaction to the steri strips on her incisions, all went well.

Back to the ortho issues...After a few months of pondering, the docs finally decided to do surgery. They weren't sure as they headed to the operating room exactly what they would do. The options were to put some screws through the existing plate (if it was not permanently bent) into the bone graft. Alternatively, if the plate was permanently bent, they would replace the plate with a stronger one. A few minutes after taking her to surgery, the doc called - the plate was not permanently bent. They would straighten her leg, put in 5 screws, then send her home. After a few hours in surgery, and a few more in recovery, she's good to go!

I'll try to be better about keeping postings up to date... Life just went and got crazy!

Also - a note for those of you who may not know - one of the events of the last few months is that we've welcomed a new member to the family. My brother and his wife welcomed a baby girl about 2 weeks ago! She's as healthy as she can be!


Anonymous said...

I recently came upon your blog and have read through it all. The Lord has been amazing in His healing of your mother. I was wondering if you would update again, I am curious as to how she is doing now. I am also wondering if you know how the two boys are, did they have any lasting injuries from the accident?
God Bless

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Sanford Hall said...

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