Monday, October 20, 2008

Day 21 - October 20, 2008

Mid-Surgery Update:

We've gotten a report from the surgical nurse. Before you get too excited, please remember this isn't from a doc, but should still be largely reliable.

They just finished re-arranging the calf muscles on her right leg and are beginning the skin graft on the right leg. THIS MEANS THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO USE THE ABDOMINAL MUSCLES!! This was by far the preferred method with much lower risk. They were going to finish up the skin graft on the right leg then begin the graft on the left leg. This is fantastic news!!

If this all is true, the risk of losing her right leg declined dramatically with this step. They'll keep her legs wrapped for 5 days, then unwrap them to check out her progress. Then, they'll change the dressing every day thereafter.

As I mentioned, we'll remain cautiously optimistic until we hear officially from a doc, but this seems to be a reasonable explanation. It will probably a couple hours before we have any additional info. As they update us, I'll update you!

If all is at is seems, we'll be dancing in the streets! If not, well...

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