Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 24 - October 23, 2008

Good morning!

Mom had a pretty good night last night, despite the repeated interruptions from all the folks to get her prepped for surgery today. Looks like they'll take her around noon (so, sometime this afternoon...). Once the surgery gets underway, it should take approximately an hour and a half. Then, they'll send her to recovery. So, it may be late this afternoon/evening before we have much news.

Thanks for the cards and notes you've sent to Mom / us. We've been reading them to her, and they really lift her spirits. Thank you so very much!!

I'll let you know when she actually gets headed to surgery... More later!


diane said...

Lord God our Healer, Give wisdom to the doctors and skill of hands as they preform the surgery. Give compassion and skill to the nursing staff and all who care for her. Bless, heal and direct. Bring glory to yourself and peace to the entire family. Your name be praised! Amen

Excited to hear that the leg surgery went so well! Answer to prayer. Thanks for sharing with us how God is working.

Tyralee45 said...

She and all are in our continued prayers.