Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 28 - October 27, 2008

Mom has lots of activity planned today! More physical therapy (which pretty much just involves getting her up into a wheelchair), a swallow test (to determine once and for all she can eat and drink whatever she likes), potentially a scan of her legs (to be sure no blood clots are forming), and hopefully news of her release to rehab soon!

She's doing well, and still in good spirits. I think she'll be a lot happier when she gets to rehab and gets to start doing some things. In the mean time, we're trying to get her as rested as possible.

When they changed the dressing on the skin / muscle grafts this morning, they continued to inform us they are as happy as can be with the progress on the grafts!!

If we get any kind of new news today, I'll be sure to let you know!

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Tyralee45 said...

Thanks for the update. It's nice to hear things are still going forward. Whoever is responsible for the swallow test need a different job. I will add...No blood clots or forming ones to my prayers.