Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 4 - October 3, 2008 - Part 2

The nurse has called us to let us know how things are going. She tells us Mom is doing very well. They didn't actually get started working on her until 1:10 p.m.. When they called about 2:30, they had nearly finished the femur repair. She said it's still going to be awhile - that's the update! I'll post as soon as we hear anything more.

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SeƱora T said...

Good to hear surgery is going well. I had chapel today and we took time to pray for your mom as we got started. Know that Patty is pretty much just on our minds. We miss her not being here. Pumkin festival people are missing her. I spend alot of time doing updates, so thanks so much for this blog. You all are in our prayers as your life is spent waiting a good bit of the time. I reread Psalm 91 the last 3 days as I contemplated all of this. I'm so glad you are all in God's hands.
I was feeling cheated that I got left "holding the fort", without a vehicle, but was reminded you will be there a while. I'll be up in the future. Today I got a map up and we are placing pins for the towns, states, countries where we know that people are praying. I'm sure we only know a fraction of those but it has been very interesting. We will try to get you a copy & picture. Rest when you can. Donita T