Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day 6 - October 5, 2008

Just a quick update - she's more awake today, but still very groggy. She's been doing well today, but needs lots of rest. We still don't know if we'll have surgery tomorrow, but I'll let you know as soon as I know anything more.

Everything is still positive. They've been able to turn up the volume on her feeding tube (yea! Her body is doing what it is SUPPOSED to do with nutrients). She's breathing deeper with each breath than the ventilator is forcing her to take.

Other than that, nothing big to report.

A very big thank you to everyone who came by today - we really appreciate it.

Mark Barron and family
Bobbie and Debbie Elliott
Peter, Kara, and Jacob Wall
Linda Dobbins
Thomas Hudson
Charles Hudson
Pate Gossen
Reed Gossen
Jared Boese
Ben Sawatzky
Monte, Susan, and Joseph Slagell
Rudy Brehm
Sandy Schimmer
Detwiler Family
Koehn Family
Kim and LeAnn Gossen
Trinna and Rod Caldwell
Charles Marquis
Tony, Melanie, Alex, Lexi, and Adrian Banuelos
Bailey Wheeler
Skylar Voss
Des Danker
Lori Switzer
Epp Family
Marilyn Tillery
Miracle and Gloria (forgive me... I'm not going to try to spell the last name)
Miranda Kieffer

Thanks again to everyone....


cher said...

My family and I pray for you daily. God is the mighty healer, and I pray He will place His mighty hands upon you and heal your broken body. We will continue our prayers for you. Thanks for the blog.
In Christ,
Cher (Floyd) Brown
WOCS K Teacher

Phillip,Donna and Taylor said...

Mrs.Schimmer I really miss you and I'm praying for you everyday!!!
I miss you in math you are the best teacher ever. Keep holding on to Gods hand He will help you through this. Get well soon!!!
Taylor Smith
Patty we are praying for you! God is the great physician and we pray that He will heal you very quickly.
With Love,
Phillip and Donna Smith

Tyralee45 said...

Thanks for the update! Another positive day forward, Yeah! There are many good wishes and loving thoughts here each day, along with prayers that God will give you strength and hope to face these difficult days.

Jeanette Stone said...

Kenny, Patty, and entire family;
We are continuing to pray daily.
You guys have to take care of yourselves, too, so you can be there for Patty. Eat, sleep, and try to move around some. It will help you keep your sanity!
I went up and down the stairs during long hospital waits with Daddy. We love you all. Again, thanks for the website.
Jack and Jeanette Stone
Elizabeth Ruyle

Parker said...

My prayers to Mrs. Schimmer. I went to CBA for a few years, and her class was always one of my favorites. I hope to visit within the next few weeks.

With deepest prayers,
Parker Long

Becky Wilson said...

Patty & Family,
My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Knowing that we overcome the enemy by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony means: first, by the Blood healing is being manifest right now and second, every improvement shared is a testimony to the Glory of God. Both will bring you out of this valley victorious, whole and healed in Jesus’ mighty Name!

I have many people praying for you: here in DFW, in Branson, in Canada and in the UK!

Much Love and Prayer,

Sparrow_7 said...

Hey Can you give us another update on the boys?and please tell Mrs. Schimmer that the chemistry Class REALLY REALLY misses her an to recover in God's Time...

Becky Wilson said...

Add Louisianna to the list!