Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Update on the boys - part 2

Lots of people have been asking for updates on the boys. Here's what they tell me:

Paul has been moved to the rehab facility this evening. That's good progress!

Aaron had surgery today, and they wired his jaw closed (soup and milkshakes for 4 to 6 weeks), and they did a little bit of work on his right cheekbone. His dad says he's doing pretty well.

That's 'bout all I know about the boys!!


sunni said...

Thank you on the update of the boys. The girls and I have no way to keep up with them like we do your mom. They, as well as Patty, are in our in our hearts, thoughts and prayers every day. That scene is something we won't ever forget but the news of positive improvement is so encouraging and so wonderful. I've heard amazing things about Patty. I've been told what an amazing and strong person she is. Someone told me today, "if anyone could fight through and recover, it will would be her, she's so strong." I don't know her personaly but she proved that strong part to me while on the scene. So many people are beind her. We will all continue to pray for her strength and recovery as well as the boys. Thanks again for the updates.
Sunni and the ota girls

Tyralee45 said...

Thanks for the update on the boys! They are still in our prayers too.