Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 35 - November 3, 2008

Happy Monday!

Mom had a really good weekend. She's getting stronger and stronger. Please pray for her cough, though. She has a cough that nobody really understands. Her lungs are in good shape, but when she starts talking, she has a coughing fit! Now we need rid of that cough!

Her legs are really looking a lot better. For those of you who have been enjoying "bovine" jokes, the "bovine" was peeled off like a scab on Saturday, so you'll have to come up with a new joke. :-) The donor site looks very good, and the swelling in her legs has really reduced. The stitches have pretty much all come out (but we still have staples), and the incisions are really looking good. I haven't seen the grafts lately to give an update on those.

She's getting very good at being able to do things herself; stronger and stronger all the time. I think she has mixed feelings about going home. She is really looking forward to being able to be in her own home, but very nervous about what all that will entail. The hospital is built for mobility with wheelchairs and such. There is always someone around to handle whatever she needs. We all know it is going to be a big challenge to be at home without all the convenience a hospital provides. So, steps forward, but steps forward to a new set of challenges. That's one thing we've certainly figured out with this process - every improvement has its own set of challenges. I think we're all ready for some steps forward WITHOUT any new challenges!

We still don't have a timeline for getting her home. All her therapists think she's improving very well, but still no commitment for a "graduation" date. We do have a follow-up with the plastic surgeon on Friday, then with the ortho docs on Wednesday of next week. We'd like some happy news out of those!

That's all the updates for now!


Tyralee45 said...

Happy Monday to you too! A lot of people get "the cough" this time of year...Might be because of the cold dry air and dirt blowing through the air...Allergies. That coughing can sure ware you out. I will pray that the cough goes away soon.
Just take each day at a time. They won't send her home until she is ready. Door ways may need to be widened and someone may need to stay with her for a bit. It will all work out. I will pray for this challenge to be the easiest one.

Melva said...

I am so encouraged to hear that she is progressing so well. I'll continue praying for her and for your family.

With love,