Monday, January 5, 2009

January 5, 2009 - Bone Graft

She's heading to recovery!

They removed the external fixator and one pin from her left foot. Based upon what they see, they are not planning to do any additional surgery on the left foot. They will show it to a doctor from Bone and Joint to be sure, but that's the plan for now. The words "walking boot" were thrown out there, but we don't know for certain how soon she could be putting weight on that foot. Major victory!!

The bone graft also went very well. They did the graft in three pieces, and it all looks great. She's going to be hurting pretty badly in the hip area (that's where they took the bone), so her pain level is really going to be what determines when she is able to go home, but at least a couple of days is the thought right now.

The doctor still hasn't come out to talk to Dad, but one of the residents did. If we learn more when we talk to the doc, I'll let you know!

Thank you for all your prayers - today seems to have been a very successful one. Praise the Lord!


Melissa Beth said...

I'm a friend of Rhonda Goerings... We are so glad to see that Patty is making progress. Healing is slow so we continue to pray for high spirits as she recovers!

Tyralee45 said...

Ya! Another step forward! We continue to pray here. Thanks for the update!

Reta Loyd said...

Ron and I will pray for healing and for pain. Will continue to keep everyone in our thoughts.

Babystepper said...

Glad to hear the good news. We still pray often.

ario said...

I have had Mrs.Schimmer at CBA in 00-02. I've heard what happened some time last year, but I just learned all the details through this blog. Glad to know she's making excellent progresses. Thank you for updates and please extend my best wishes for her.
God Bless,

-Ario Wicaksono- '2002.
Kiel, Deutschland.

boshi said...

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