Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 10 - October 9, 2008


They didn't let us stay with Mom last night (they've switched her rooms in ICU), so can't say from first hand experience how her night was. The nurse tells us that she had a pretty good night, though.

The plan continues to be for surgery today. The plastic surgeons talked with Dad this morning, and they plan to do the plastic surgery on both legs today, as well. So, this surgery could last around 8 hours - 1 to scrub, 3 for the ortho work, and 2 hours for each leg. So, we're in for a long day once she heads to surgery. I will do a post as soon as she goes so everyone is aware.

For those of you that happen to read this prior to surgery, please pray that she'll have the stamina to make it all the way through this surgery. The last time they attempted a surgery of this length, her lungs got rather unhappy, so they had to quit before they had done everything they wanted to do. If they are successful today, it will be quite a while before she will have to go back to surgery again. That will also help us get her vent out in the next day or so. Then, no vent, no more ICU!! She'll get to go to a room. If all goes very well over the next 48 hours, we could be in a room by the weekend!!!

Ok - more when she heads to surgery!


AnnieB said...

All of us at the Election Board have been praying for Patty since the accident, as well as the families of those injured and the young man who was killed. Patty was our faithful in-person voting lady for years here, and we've missed her working with us. Please be assured of our prayers today as she undergoes this long and stressful surgery. I pray for the doctors and for a successful outcome. Ann Brown, Clinton, Custer County Election Board

Lilibeth said...

We'll pray at school too. It would be great for her to get her own room where she can rest and also it would be so helpful for her to be able to talk and not have the ventilator attached.

Melva said...

We are praying for Patty for stamina. We will pray for the doctors to have the wisdom, skill, and endurance to perform the 8 hour surgery.


SeƱora T said...

Agreeing with all those praying for Patty for this surgery, for the surgeons and team, and nurses; for strength beyond what seems available, God's infinite wisdom, abundant peace, & no infection. Waiting "trustfully" [I don't think that's a real word but that's what I want to say :)] for God's best for all of you this day.

anewphelps said...

Mrs. Patty & family,
I just want you to know that I pray for you all every morning and afternoon as I drive to and from school. My church group is praying for your continued healing and surgeries as well! God will be with you, and the surgeons as they are extensions of the fathers healing spirit! - Sarah Phelps.

Becky Wilson said...

My friend Pat (Fort Worth)sent: I put faith with yours and her family that In the Name of Jesus Patty will have the strength to get though this surgery and the Doctors and the Nurses hands will be guided by the Holy Spirit to do exactly what needs to be done
quickly and efficiently. Patty will be out of ICU quicker than the Doctors say and the Doctors will know that God has done it all.