Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 11 - October 10, 2008 - GREAT DAY!

Ok, last post of the day. IT WAS A GREAT DAY! There was no major medical news, but it was still a fantastic day! As I mentioned earlier today, it was so good to see "Mom." It was her and not the drugs ALL DAY! In fact, it was such a good day for her that she kicked us kids out tonight. We went in to tell her that I was going to go home, but that Scotty and Emmy (big brother and his wife) would hang out with her for the evening. She told us no. She said they didn't need to stay. They could go - she wanted to sleep! She kicked us out!!! That's the biggest piece of evidence I could give on her being herself today. I did begin to clue her in on how many people have been checking on her - I got a number of "wows" out of her. I told her she'd be saying "wow" a lot. I asked her as I was leaving if it was a good day for her, and she gave me a big nod and a smile. We had lots of smiles today. It was wonderful!!!

So, I just wanted to share with all of you that it was a GREAT DAY! Thank you for your continued prayers and support!!!

Visitors today

Jess Parker
Grover and Betty Wilson
Dwayne and Leona Funk
Fran Gathright (Maiden name: Warkentin, CBA Class of '63)
Debbie Schimmer



SeƱora T said...

Praise the Lord!! and thank-you, thank-you, for sharing. Even if she can't speak I can hear that Patty "tone" as she told you to leave. How wonderful. I know this blog is hard to keep up but seeing Kenny at CBA today and "hearing" from the blog has ministered to my heart today! Sleep in peace.

anewphelps said...

wooohooo for you Mrs Schimmer!! Im so glad to hear that you are awake, alert and being the independent lady you are!

Alana - Thank you so much for taking the time to blog! It has become a bright spot of my day to check the message to get good news and specific prayer requests. I hope you get some rest!

Sarah P.

Ann said...

Hello, I am a friend of Kathy Tetrick and live in Kokomo, Indiana. She told me about Patty. I am praying for her as well. It sounds like she has a very strong family surrounding her with love and prayers. Thinking about all of you.

Tyralee45 said...

Yeah, Emmy told me Patty kicked her and Scotty out...They were so excited about getting kicked out, lol. It's nice to finally have smiles. I pray that Patty and all have a good night.

Lacey Servicedog In Training (SDit) said...

We are continuing to pray for your mom and the boys as well the family of the boy that was killed. My mother in law in Allen, Oklahoma and her church, co-workers at ECU,My church in OKC (Church of the Servant Methodist Church), Heart Ministries in Hutchinson, Kansas, my sister Nelda Neufeld-Criswell-(CBA Graduate) in Richardson, Tx are all also keeping your mom, the boys and the family of the boy in their prayers as well.
Denene Neufeld-Harper
CBA Graduate Class of 1983

Bambi said...

I don't know anyone that was in the wreck but I read about the wreck in the Country Connection News today. I want to send my prayers your way. May God be with your family as well as the families of all the others.