Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 14 - October 13, 2008 - Part 2

Well, this is another very difficult post. After the great weekend, it really felt like things were looking up. We were brought back to reality after surgery today.

There was still infection in her right leg. We don't really know how the report from Saturday's surgery was that there was no infection, but the word today is that it still exists. The bright spot is that it still isn't in her blood stream - yet.

The other news out of surgery today is that the middle piece of bone in her right leg is dead. As a result, they have removed that piece of dead bone (which is also a source of infection), and replaced it with antibiotic beads to help fight the infection. They plan to do surgery again on Wednesday to clean out the wounds, and probably again on Friday. We don't know at this time when they will make efforts to repair the tibia.

It is absolutely imperative that this infection be killed. The implications of it entering her blood stream are not good - they would need to take drastic steps pretty rapidly to stop it from spreading to the rest of her body. As such, this is clearly our biggest prayer need at the moment. This infection has got to go...

I'm sorry I don't have better news today. If we get anything more, I'll be sure to pass it on.

Thanks for your continued prayer and support.

Vistors today:

Cheri Thiessen
Cari Thiessen
Will Bones
Ethan Harms
Danny and Beth Harms
Alvin, Kristin, Sarah, and Ben Friesen
Monte and Sandy Schimmer
Charles Regier


Lilibeth said...

We are praying. Love you.

Tyralee45 said...

I'm soo sorry for the letdown that you must be feeling. The doctors are on top of the infection, which is good. We will keep praying that the infection stays out of her bloodstream and leaves her body without any further damage. Thanks Alana for hanging in there and giving us these post...Your mom will be soo proud of you for doing this.

SeƱora T said...

Praying frequently, we ended chapel w/ prayer for you all.

tillery said...

Alana, we are really sorry. We continue to pray for you all

Schimmer Family said...

I'm so sorry for the news today. We are praying for the infection to be gone. Praying for God to hold you up as you wait. We love you. Reta

rkourt said...

I will share this report at a Gideons special meeting tonight. Thanks! Alana for doing such a great job with the blog. Of course our prayers will join with others and God is so very good. He does have a purpose and a plan...but it still hurts. Love you Patty and I really miss your kindness this last Sunday morning.

Melva said...

Although the news today is disappointing, God does have a plan. We continue to pray for Patty's recovery. The blog helps us to be more specific in our prayers. We will pray for the infection to clear.

We also will continue to pray for strength for the family.

With love,

diane said...

Still praying and will continue. Lord, grant the doctors wisdom and her body strength. Bless Alana, Kenny and family with peace, and strength to endure. Your name be praised for you are great God!

Huiatt said...

Sorry for the news yesterday. Hopefully today will be better. We continue to pray for healing for Mrs.Schimmer and strength for all of you. Thanks alot Alana for taking the time to keep us updated with the blog. I check it several times daily and have passed it on to anyone that has asked about her. It helps to pray for specific needs. Our church also continues to pray.