Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 16 - October 15, 2008

Post-Surgery Update:

WE'VE TAKEN 2 STEPS FORWARD (and those are the ortho doc's words, not mine)!

Lengthy surgery (she was still in the operating room at 1:00pm), but good progress. He was able to put a plate on the right tibia (or what is left of it) - but only after consulting all his resources. Apparently, this was a tough one. The infection has improved, and he believes the bone was likely the source. The prognosis for the right leg has improved following this surgery. While we are VERY happy that this was a good day, we've still got a long road ahead. Risks will continue for months and possibly years.

The plan is to go back in sometime this weekend to reclean the wounds. We still don't have a timeline for the plastic surgeons, but the ortho doc is pushing them to make the repairs sooner rather than later. The ortho doc hopes to have her short-term surgeries completed by the end of next week. We'd still be looking at a surgery in 6 to 8 weeks for the bone graft in her right leg, and a surgery at some point subsequent to that to repair her left foot. The docs want to have her right leg dealt with prior to starting on her left foot. Largely, I believe this is to give her body one problem to deal with at a time.

That's the news for now - positive news out of surgery!!! We're back to moving in the right direction - forward!


Reta Loyd said...

I'm glad surgery is over once again. Will continue to pray for the infection. Praying that she will get a little rest soon from surgery. Love you all. Reta

Tyralee45 said...

Yeah! "2 steps forward" is great news to hear! We'll keep the prayers going.

diane said...

Praise The Lord! We'll keep praying for that infection to go away completely!

sarah Siebenaler said...

Please let her know the AZ bunch is praying too.