Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 17 - October 16, 2008

Morning Update:

Not much to report today. Mom got pretty good rest last night, so that's positive. As far as we know, there is nothing noteworthy on the agenda today. So, she's just relaxing in the hospital.

We've had some mix-ups with her docs, and they can't seem to find anywhere that she has passed a swallow test, so she's back on the tube feeding for now. They are planning to give her another one today, so hopefully we'll get that issue resolved.

That's really all the news for now.

I'll update later if anything changes!


Babystepper said...

Tell those doctors they should read the blog so they can keep track of what they've done. =)

AnnieB said...

I am sorry I missed Kenny today at the Election Board; I was in the back testing Voting Devices. Patty was our number one helper many moons ago. I'm so glad that she is going to be able to vote. As for her progress, sounds like it is slow, but steady, and yet a long road ahead. It can be so frustrating with doctors and reports and I firmly believe there needs to be a "special" patient advocate that can communicate with all the doctors on a case! Talking from experience here. In the meantime, prayers are still coming your way Patty for you, and for your family. Ann Brown, Election Board

Tyralee45 said...

I sure hope that is the only mix-up they have. I pray that everything goes better.