Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 18 - October 17, 2008 - Part 3

So, that trip outside was an answer to prayer. Her spirits are lifted after her 15 minutes in the sunshine!

She's doing well this afternoon - just tired. They are planning to take her for some procedure (either a CT scan or an angiogram, we're having a little trouble determining which) this afternoon in preparation for the plastic surgery on Monday.

More if anything changes!!


connie said...

You are so very right about how special Patti is, Praise God for her and all of you!! Tell her lots of Love from Connie and Brooke.

Karla said...

Patti, I am very happy you got to feel the sunshine today. Brendon & I are blessed to hear of the advances your body is making. We truly praise God for the way He is working in your circumstances. Patience is not one of our qualities as individuals, so we just pray He gives you much. Your daugther has done an excellent job in keeping us posted. Thanks!There are many thoughts in my mind, but I can seem to be able to put them down now. Know that we keep you constantly in our minds & prayers throughout our day. Keep getting better & don't let them forget about your dr.pepper, or as our youngest would call it "the dr. drink"

Babystepper said...

So glad the sunshine did its stuff. There's nothing quite so energizing and uplifting as a little visit with the sun (or the Son, as the case may be. So glad she's got both!)

Lilibeth said...

Alana, if you will follow the link to my blog, I've uploaded a few pictures from the Fall Concert for Patty and Kenny to see. There will be a few more later, but it is actually going on now.

Tyralee45 said...

I'm glad a little fresh air and sunshine did her good. Hopefully the weather will stay nice and she will get to go out again. You all are still in our prayers.