Monday, October 20, 2008

Day 21 - October 20, 2008

Good morning!

First, in response to a couple of comments - we do read the comments every day. They mean a lot to us, and are a great way for you to communicate with us. Additionally, if there is something you would like to pass along to just the family (but don't want it posted for the world to see), please feel free to email it to me at I check my email several times a day, as well.

Second comment response regarding blood donations to be credited to Mom. I believe that if you go to donate, when you sign-in, you have the opportunity to indicate if there is a particular party you'd like it credited to. I know a couple of you have already donated and indicated you asked for it to be credited to Patty Schimmer at OU Medical Center. Can you leave a comment indicating if my understanding is correct?

Ok - now for the update on Mom. I expect to have a couple updates throughout the day today since we're in surgery again, so be sure to check back often.

Surgery was originally scheduled for 7:45, but they had an emergency come in, so her surgery has been pushed to 8:45 a.m. Here is the plan for today (but as usual, this is entirely subject to change depending upon what they find when they start surgery): They plan to do plastic surgery to repair the right calf wound. Based upon the results of the CT scan they did on Friday, they are hopeful they can use the existing muscles in her calf to fill the void. However, as I mentioned in my post yesterday, they aren't certain that will be possible. The CT scan can be distorted by the plate that was inserted along her tibia. This, however, is the goal. If they discover the CT scan was distorted and they are NOT able to use the existing muscle, they will not complete the repair of her wound today. They will come back in later (not sure which day) and repair the wound using a muscle from her abdomen. We're really hoping for the former - much fewer risks, much higher success rate. Additionally, if they have time, they will repair the wound on her left calf today (which is simply a skin graft, as best I can understand).

As things progress, they keep us updated from the operating room. So, as we get those updates, I'll be updating you! Please keep us in your prayers today - we really need the docs to be able to use the muscles that currently exist in her calf.

More later...


sue ann and jack said...

GOOD Moring! I pray that God will be with you today and always.I also pray for the doctors that are doing the surgery. Hope to see you soon! much love and Hugs!!

Becky Wilson said...

- We say she gets better and better…from one degree of Glory to Glory to Glory! Jane (FW, TX)

We're prayin' :) Lots of love!

SeƱora T said...

Keeping Patty and you all in prayer. Praying for the surgeons,for wisdom, cooperation and that they will all begin to see the whole situation and not just their little part. Praying for your strength, on all levels, and that Patty especially will be wrapped up in the arms of God's love, trust, shielded by his power.