Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day 20 - October 19, 2008

Good morning!

We're cautiously optimistic this morning after hearing from the plastic surgeons. They have reviewed the CT scan of her right leg. Let me preface this by saying the metal plate that was inserted during surgery on Wednesday can distort the results of the CT scan (which is why we are cautiously optimistic). They will not know for certain if the following is true until they are in surgery tomorrow. However, here's the plan from the surgeons at the moment: Based upon the results of the CT scan (that could be distorted), it appears all three major vessels in her right leg are intact. Additionally, it appears the remaining muscle is adequate to be used to fill the void in her right leg. As such, at present, they are planning the "optimal" surgery on her right leg tomorrow, which will simply relocate existing calf muscles rather than requiring them to move a muscle from the abdomen to her calf.

SPECIFIC PRAYER REQUEST: We need to pray that the CT results were not distorted and that they are able to repair the leg using existing muscles in the leg.

If they are able to go the route they are planning, it will be a 4-6 hour surgery, and they will repair the right AND left legs. If they are required to use a muscle from the abdomen, it will be a 6-8 hour surgery, and they will repair the left leg on Wednesday.

She had a really good day yesterday, and is feeling pretty good this morning. She's eating well, so we're very happy about that!

Thanks for all the prayers - we really do appreciate them, and they really do make a difference!!

More later!


Lilibeth said...

It's a beautiful Sunday morning. God is good; we continue to believe with you that the reports will be good and that healing is taking place.

Tyralee45 said...

We will pray the CT scan was not distorted and the vessels are in tact, and they are able to use the existing muscle. We also pray for the 4-6 hour surgery and for all to go well.

diane said...

Lord, give the surgens wisdom and skill as they do the repair in Patty's legs. It is our desire that they be able to use the existing muscle and complete repairs on both legs tomorrow. You are great God, mighty and powerful. Thank you for the healing and continue to work in her body. Bring peace and encouragement for the journey and may everyone who encounters Patty and her family,see you. Thank you Jesus, Amen

DrJack and Connie said...

We have been out of town for almost 2 weeks, but have been following your posts on our laptop. Sounds like Patty is recovering just like someone of her amazing strength & faith would. I am assuming that you can read these comments and do every day...would you mention them in your blog if you do? This is a really good way for all of us out here to keep in touch. We love you all!!