Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 25 - October 24, 2008

Today the bandages come off the skin / muscle grafts!!

Not a lot to report yet this morning. Mom had a good night and seems to be hurting less this morning than she was after surgery yesterday.

The plastics docs will come this afternoon and unwrap her legs to see how everything took. I'm planning to go over when they do it, so I'll get you updated as soon as I can thereafter!

So, the prayer request for today is that everything looks great when they unwrap and that it hurts as little as possible (the whole unwrapping procedure seems to be a bit painful - the doc said it will feel like "fire" for about 15 minutes).

More when I have an update!


Reta Loyd said...

Heavenly Father, Wrap your loving arms around Patty as they unwrap the bandages on her legs. Please let them see good results. Thank you Jesus.

Tyralee45 said...

I will include in my prayers that the skin/muscle grafts took and that the unwrapping procedure hurts much less than expected.

Whitney said...

Patty you are in my prayers as well as all of the COTA girls at Fort Cobb. We know the Lord will bless you as the bandages come off. I check Alanas blog daily and will continue to keep up with your amazing progress! :-) God Bless you and your wonderful family. We will continue to pray for you! ~ Whitney Hobbs (Littleton)