Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 25 - October 24, 2008 - Graft Results!

So, they've taken the bandages off the skin / muscle grafts.

Let me preface this by saying I've never seen anything like what I saw when they took the bandages and wound vacs off the grafts. I pray that none of you ever have to see anything like that, either. However, if you are ever presented with the need for a skin graft, I pray yours are as successful as Mom's. :-)

The doctor was very happy with the results, both on the skin grafts and the muscle. Mom will have a very big scab at the skin graft donor site, but no more bandages! She'll have the bandages on the actual grafts changed daily from here on out. The doc said it should take about 2-3 weeks for the flesh to re-form over the wounds. Yippee!!! She still needs to be careful about the movement in her legs for the time being, but all-in-all, we're doing great!!

Additionally, it really didn't hurt her much at all when they did all the unwrapping, which is a blessing in itself.

Thanks so much for your prayers. We continue to have reason to praise the Lord! We're moving forward and will hopefully be in rehab sometime next week!!!

More tomorrow!!


hrselvr said...

Praise the Lord! Everything seems to be looking up. God has been wonderful through the ups and downs of this whole thing. It just reminds me of what an amazing Lord we do serve.

Tyralee45 said...

Yeah! I'm glad it was successful and didn't hurt much taking the bandages off. Another big forward! You guys will have this hospital behind you soon! The prayers are working! I will continue to pray.

SeƱora T said...

What a wonder and blessing, that God made us in such a way that we can reattach &/or renew moved skin/muscle! Thanks again for the updates. It made me smile, cuz some of us "see" the "unwrapping" w/ different eyes (but have probably been a little more prepared, trained). I was pretty excited today waiting to hear what the "unwrapping" showed. That didn't sound near as scary, to me, as some of the numbers stuff you do Alana. Patty, I hope you get some well deserved quiet/peace w/o all the "to-do" and noise of the hospital soon. Thanks for sharing your faith as you have "walked" through this "fire".

sarah Siebenaler said...

Whoo hoo!