Saturday, October 25, 2008

Day 26 - October 25, 2008

Sorry this post is so late!

Today has been a pretty good day. Nothing big to report. The plastics docs re-dressed her grafts, and she said she's even happier with them today than she was yesterday. She's pleased that they are healing very well.

Mom was able to get up into a wheelchair and sit up pretty straight for about an hour today. Each day is a little more progress! Her back is also hurting her less today!

She's looking forward to moving to rehab next week and beginning to get herself moving.

That's the story for today! More tomorrow!


Babystepper said...

All of which is wonderful news on this beautiful Sunday morning. I'm so glad to hear about her progress, and we're still praying.

Tyralee45 said...

Amazing how the progress is going. I'm still praying for a full recovery.