Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 29 - October 28, 2008

Rehab begins!

They started working Mom pretty hard today. She's learning how to get herself moved from bed to wheelchair, then wheel herself around. She spent a big part of the day with her out of bed and in the wheelchair. She seems to be doing very well with that, but it wears her out moving from one to the other.

She says the food is really good (thank heavens! How are you supposed to get healthy if the food isn't worth eating??), so we like that. They really seem to be taking very good care of her!

Not much more than that to tell - hopefully we'll start to have some idea of when she might get to go home soon!!!

I'll keep you posted!


Lilibeth said...

Sounds great.

Patty, we are still praying for you every day, that your strength increase and that you don't get too frustrated with the slowness of little steps.

District Academic meet was Monday. We won two and lost one--in the last sixty second round.

Junior supper is Saturday. Connie is handling it and just telling me what to do to help with food. (I'm better at publicity than porkchops.)

We are filming the play tomorrow...been rehearsing day and night and I think it will be a fun one.

Love and Prayers.

Jennifer said...

Great News!
I am so glad everything is going well.God has been with all of you every step of the way.I'm still praying for all of you...

Melissa Beth said...

You may not wish to do this for privacy reasons, but I wondered if you might consider posting a picture of your Mom.

We include her in our prayers but have never met her and thought it'd be nice to picture her smiling face and know what she looks like.

If not, I totally understand! Continued blessings and recovery!

Melva said...

This is fantastic news!!! I'm sure that she will be tired after such a workout...but tell her that I know that she is a fighter and will not give up!

Our prayers are with you all still.


Tyralee45 said...

That's a pretty picture of you and your mom, on your wedding day!
The hard work will pay off. How is your dad doing through all of this? I have you all in my prayers.

susan said...

Patty, Alana and all....We have never meet but I wanted to let you know that my famly and I have been praying for you. (We have been watching your progress from this sight and through Helen (a lady I work with). You have been such a blessing to me. Yes, you do what you have to in situations like this, but not everyone does it with such love for the Lord like you do. It really shines through and I thank you for that. I truely believe that not only has this changed your has also changed the lives of others around you. Those you know...and those that you have not meet. We will continue praying for you and send my love to all of you.