Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 30 - October 29, 2008

More of the same!

More rehab! Mom is getting better at being able to move herself around, so that's a really good sign. She'll be popping wheelies in her wheelchair before long!

Don't really have any more new news to report - still no word on when she gets to go home, but hopefully we'll know more next week!

Thanks for your prayers - they've meant a lot (and obviously made a difference) thus far in the process. I do want everyone to please keep us (and Mom in particular) in your prayers. This is where the truly hard part start, and without the continued prayer and support, it will be very difficult for Mom to get through all of this.

I'll give you more updates when we learn anything new!


Reta Loyd said...

Still praying for strengh for therapy. I know she can do it. She has a strong will and a loving supportive family and lots of friends cheering her on, including me. Love you all.

Tyralee45 said...

The prayers will continue here. Tell her not to pop too big of wheelies...I don't want her hurting anything else!