Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 45 - November 13, 2008

"Free! Free at last!"

That's what Mom had to say on our drive home yesterday. She did just great on our trip home. She wasn't apprehensive at all, and the travel didn't hurt her. We got her home, had our visit from home health care, and started to get her settled in. We certainly had to make some adjustments - moving furniture, taking the bed off the frame - but she is so happy to be home. She watched the sunrise out her patio window this morning. She could see our cattle out in the pasture. She got to sleep in her own bed!

While there are a few things that have been a little difficult about being home, I must say that today has gone pretty much flawlessly! She said earlier today that she felt like this was the best morning she'd had since this all started! We've gotten her medicine figured out, figured out where we have to put all the furniture so she can maneuver through the house, but all in all, it has been fantastic!

That's all for now! Praise the Lord... we're home!


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord praying that things continue to go great and looking up for your mom!!! Thanks for keeping everyone updated!!God is great and does answer prayers!!
They are still going up for your mom and your family!!

Lilibeth said...

How wonderful to be home. Praise the Lord.

Phillip,Donna and Taylor said...

Patty, We are so glad that you are home! Patty, you have been such a good influence in all of our lives! I am sending you this link to a video by John Waller titled "While I'm Waiting". I hope it gives you encouragment as you continue to get better.
Patty We Love You!
Phillip, Donna, McKenzie and Taylor Smith

Copy this link into you browser.

Melva said...

Happy Sunday! I just am praising the Lord that you are home sleeping in your own bed!!! Keep smiling; you are loved!!!

Tyralee45 said...

Yeah! Still moving forward. The prayers continue here.

sue ann said...

happy day! we are so happy you are home and enjoying the new -old views of your surroundings! rest and get better!

love and hugs,jack & sue ann