Thursday, December 18, 2008

December 18, 2008

Ok... so things change in a hurry around here.

They removed Mom's gall bladder lapriscopically this morning. The ortho docs and her trauma docs (back from the accident) were not happy about leaving it in for 4-6 weeks - too many risks. So, they took it out this morning. They were not certain if they'd be able to do it lapriscopically, but they did! That's a big deal since Mom has to move herself around using just her arms - if she had a full incision, the recovery is much longer, and moving around would be extremely difficult! They expect to let her go home on Saturday - she should be feeling much better soon!

So! Happy day for us - we still haven't chatted with the ortho doc about his plans for doing the bone graft - so for now, we're hoping we're still on for early January. I'll keep you informed!


Tyralee45 said...

Ya! I'm soo happy they were able to do it laprascopic. Thanks for the update! I've been waiting for Emmanda to call, but with all this going on with Patty...I bet she forgot me, lol. I will continue to pray for your mom, you and your dad too.

Lilibeth said...

That's good news. I'm sure she will be feeling better without that old gall bladder anyway...especially since it was causing the nausea. Tell your mom we are still praying for her daily.

Anonymous said...

We enjoy your updates, thanks so much. Hang in there!!
Brad, Carmen, Eddie and Beth

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