Wednesday, October 8, 2008


If you'd like to send cards to Mom, send them to the school. They've been very faithful to bring everything that has been sent there. That will prevent any issues in delivery if she gets moved out of ICU.



SeƱora T said...

I have just entered the map and the list of towns at my blog...I'm following yours so I think we are linked. Since I have never done this before would you make sure you can follow mine and do you want copies of the map here? (How do I do that, email to you?) We are praying for all of you. I'm thinking your mom is starting to feel like she has been in bed long enough and needs to start getting some things done. Praying for the surgeons' wisdom, steady hands, protection all around, peace, strength, patience in and for all the procedures and an awsome presence of the Holy Spirit today in ICU/surgery/the waiting room. May God be glorified today. Donita

Becky Wilson said...

Here are some more comments coming from folks I know:
-After hearing the Testimony of Patty and what God has already brought her though I know that she is going to be totally restored...(to) preach the goodness of God to everyone she meets. Pat (Fort Worth)
-Praise God for the good report! I will definitely pray...Sharon (Fort Worth)
- I have attached this information to my prayer partners as they can also pray for you...May God comfort and hold you in his arms -- to help you find peace. Kelly (Grand Prairie, TX)

Shalom! Becky